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About Us

Based out of New York City and beginning in 2014, ©KickinItNYC was founded as we, collectors and sneaker enthusiasts, saw a lack of availability and sellers whose focus was primarily on runners, so we decided to become the go-to place for all sneakerheads who are searching for the latest runners and other highly sought after sneakers on the market.

The sneaker industry has changed, making items increasingly limited and therefore, more difficult for most customers to attain traditionally. It is typical for people to wait on lines at storefronts or via the internet only to miss out on an exclusive release. KickinItNYC provides a service where you, the customer, can sleep in for all releases and still be guaranteed your pair.

As our journey began with selling on Instagram (@KickinItNYC), the demand for limited edition runners and other highly sought after sneakers has grown. We feel it is a natural progression to launch our own website where with a few clicks customers will be able to make a purchase without having to go through the back-and-forth email process.

We appreciate all of our supporters, Instagram followers, and customers and are looking forward to doing business with you all in the near future.